• 20 Nov 16
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Pedestrian Rally

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pedestrian Rally of November 20th, Sunday, 14:00 (held together with simultaneously planned protest action agreed with the partner organizations) https://www.facebook.com/events/1629806023987015/) ● 14:00 – gathering in front of Parliament building ● 14:30 – rally around Parliament building ● 15:00 – protest action at the Parliament building Join us on November 20th in a Pedestrian Rally organized on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. Let’s stop the chaos on Georgian roads and cities that sacrifices 600 human lives in a year in Georgia! Every day Georgian cities are becoming even less pedestrian friendly: with disappearing public spaces, unregulated constructions and air pollution, the number of pedestrians injured on roads and sidewalks has reached unprecedented numbers! Compared to last year, we are facing 11% growth in the number of people injured and deceased in road accidents with the pedestrians being injured in every third case!!! We have witnessed two especially alarming accidents over last two months: ● On October 22nd two young pedestrians were hit by a car on a zebra crosswalk, in a place where pedestrians are supposed to have a right of way! ● On November 2nd, on a sidewalk of Chavchavadze Avenue, a pedestrian was hit by a car! As a result she was injured with her hands and knees covered in blood. Enough is enough, we cannot ignore lack of efforts of the authorities, unfulfilled promises and ignorance that costs us lives and health of our citizens. We need your support for full-pledged mobilization of pedestrians! Let’s urge the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Parliament and Tbilisi City Hall to start taking immediate actions in ensuring pedestrian safety in the country! We demand: • To recognize pedestrians as first-class citizens and create normal conditions for walking • To ban parking on sidewalks, not only by deleting the marking, but actually eradicating the sidewalk parking ill-practice through strict enforcement of the laws; • To increase the fine for violation of parking rules with follow-up strict enforcement (including sidewalks, zebra crosswalks, and ramps) • To protect pedestrians on zebra crosswalks through strict enforcement of related laws • To hear and adopt amendments to the road safety related laws, encompassing scoring system and distant patrolling; We urge the authorities to fully comprehend its duty before the citizens and start essential dialogue with civil society on these and other issues. We request setting of a specific time frame for fulfilling the above-mentioned demands, as well as regular reporting of the progress to the society and media.
In front of Parliament