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  • 25 May 18
  • Posted by admin

Public Art - The Wind Blows Wherever It Likes

The Wind Blows Wherever It Wants To Public Art Project Uare Qalaqs (Care for The City) 2016 presents the light installation titled “The Wind Blows Wherever It Wants To” in Deda Ena Garden by the group of artists Echo Form. Uare Qalaqs is a project which strives to respond to the urban challenges of Tbilisi through public art installations. On the basis of an open call three winning projects were revealed and one of them is the installation by Echo Form. The Wind Blows Wherever It Wants To - Installation of sensory bulbs in Deda Ena garden responds to the influence of nature and the environment. On one hand this is an attempt of Echo Form to emphasize impulses of live nature which gain a visual form of light. While on the other hand the work is a creation of a modern, experimental, creative impulse through new technologies in a recreational public space area. Echo Form is a group of three visual artists, who jointly work in Tbilisi's different clubs. Echo Form uses modern technologies and creates experiments both in closed and open spaces. Curated by Mariam Loria and Mariam Tsikaridze

  • 25 May 18
  • Posted by admin

Public Art - Eco Impulse

Eco Impulse Installation by Luka Tsetskhladze The public art project Eco Impulse is directed at modern challenges of ecology in urban environments, as well as creation of creative impulse in public space. In 2016 organisation "Iare Pekhit" (Walk) announced an open call for public art installations in the industrial city of Rustavi and Luka Tsetskhladze's work "Father, Son and Neighbor" was installed in the Rustavi Park. Presented are Luka Tsetskhladze’s large-scaled metal figures of his three-dimensional experiments. The inspiration of the artist came from urbanized, modern culture of the world of machinery, robots. With their aesthetics the sculptures resemle machines, forms that are part of the modern human life. Two composition of sculptures are represented in the park - "Father, son and a neighbor," and the unnamed robot sculpture. From the environmental point of view it is important that the statues of the artist transform the secondary material and give it a new life. The project is implemented with support of the US Embassy in Georgia and Rustavi Municipality. Curators: Mariam Loria and Mariam Tsikaridze

  • 25 May 18
  • Posted by admin

Public Art - Wall, Coarse Calico, Parquet

Iare Pekhit presents installation by Nika Qutateladze ‘Wall, Coarse calico, Parquet’. The Public Art Project is implemented within the framework of ‘Uare Qalaqs (Care for the City) 2016 ‘Wall, Coarse calico, Parquet’ consists of the parts of The Hematology and Blood Transfusion Institute building, formerly located at 22 Kazbegi Ave. The work is presented at the former bus station at 8 Sanapiro St, which was transformed into an exhibition space for the purpose of this installation. The Blood Transfusion Institute building will soon be overtaken by a tall skyscraper. Nothing will be left from the cliché architecture typical to the 20th century. Qutateladze presents parts of the building as exhibition objects. Part of our daily lives and seemingly unimportant details become the focus of the visitor, which were influencing people’s consciousness over the years and are disappearing now with Tbilisi's urban transformations. Nika Qutateladze was born in 1989. In 2007-2011 he studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Art with major in Architecture. In 2012-13, he finished an informal master’s course at CCA Tbilisi (Centre of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi). The artist mainly works in the field of sculpture and installation. The main themes are transformation of the daily use objects, showing a different perspective on life and its constituting elements. His recent work concerns the transformation of architectural space, structures, and the urban environment. Project Curators: Mariam Loria and Mariam Tsikaridze.

  • 25 May 18
  • Posted by admin

Public Art - The Watchtower

Iare Pekhit presents installation "The Watchtower" by artists Koka Esaiashvili, Salome Sordia, Zura Tsopurashvili, Iveta Chkhikvade. The work was created in the framework of public art project Uare Qalaqs, which strives to respond to the challenges existing in Tbilisi urban areas. On the basis of open call three winning projects were revealed - "The Watchtower" was one of them. The structures similar to the presented object can be seen in rural areas in the gardens and fields. Tens of differently styled architectures of various sizes, shapes and materials. Their practical designation is control and guard of the space. With time, these strategic objects lost their original content and gained architectural meaning. Today the watchtower still remains an important object for Georgia and it can serve as a means of solving domestic problems. Daily we see how trees are cut and stolen by ordinary people or various investors. The installation represents a symbol of protection of green spaces. Different space and context gave new meaning to the existing architectural experience. The object is both a small gallery hanging in the air, as well as a room from where one can guard the perimeter. Curators: Mariam Loria and Mariam Tsikaridze

  • 07 Apr 16
  • Posted by admin

Iare Pekhit (GDS)

Iare Pekhit about art projects Eco Impulse and Uare Qalaqs 2016 (Care for the city)



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