• 03 Sep 15
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Pedestrian Art Project

Pedestrian Art Project is Iare Pekhit's second project funded by Swiss Embassy in Georgia. The project enabled the artists for the first   time to participate in the Pedestrian Art Project and present their point of view on the problems faced by the city through art.

 3 problematic public space areas were selected as work sites. Over 35 artists submitted their proposals, offering creative responses to pedestrian issues. A competent jury comprised of partner organization members and art curators/critics selected three winning artists.Partners involved represented Tiflis Hamqari (NGO, works to protect cultural heritage of Tbilisi), Guerilla Gardening Georgia (Largest youth environmental movement in Georgia),Partnership for Road Safety.

The project opened up wide discussion space through media coverage and involved the municipality in the implementation process, challenging it to respond to the burning pedestrian –specific issues.