• 05 Apr 16
  • Posted by admin

Uare Qalaqs 2016 (Care for the city)

The jury has revealed 3 winning installation for the public art contest Uare Qalaqs 2016: 

- Nika Qutateladze

- EchoForm 

- Zurab Tsopurashvili, Iveta Chkhikvadze, Konstantine Esaiashvili, Salome Sordia. 

Contest Uare Qalaqs 2016 encourages participation of artists in the development of pedestrian cutulre and  public spaces. THe existing challenges in the modern urban society, role of public space, ecology, urban development quite often drives attention of modern art, though sometimes fails to reach wide audience. With support of curators, our contest enables artist to place its artistic initiative in a public space available for any citizen and thus deliver his/her messages both to ordinary citizens, as well as to the decision-makers and authorities in the town and the country. 

The opening event of 5 winning projects will be held before June 15, 2016.

The project is implemented with support of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) and Tbilisi Municipality.