• 07 Apr 16
  • Posted by admin

Urban Collapse - David Meskhi/Salome Machaidze

Duration: 2:47 min

The Video by David Meskhi and Salome Machaidze Relived is a synthesis of various media. Image, poetry, and rhythm of sequencing shots come alive together in communication with the audience. The nature and the mechanic forces idealized in the video let youngsters surf in wooden boards with the energy of the wind. Like a colorful dream, the video bursts into the reality of a city, colorless from dust and airlessness. The glorified image of nature disappears and reappears from time to time by means of digital faults. The Errors inside the storefront indicate the utopian reality present in the artwork. The video projected through 7 screens is protected from the city chaos by the storefront glass like a museum exhibit. The video installation Relived confronts the city’s lifeless environment and emphasizes the faults of the reality surrounding us.

Music: TBA Tusja Beridze for When earth seems to be light
Fashion line by NAUKA
Text – Order of Emerald Fortune - Katas tropa / Cat astrophe
Video from GOSLAB production 
Additional footage of   documentary - When earth seems to be light (Salome Machaidze, David Meskhi, Tamuna Karumidze)